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What is Street Jazz & Hip-Hop?

Street Jazz & Hip-Hop is fun and exciting, and keeps you moving in step with the latest trends in music and motion. Our classes cover the fundamentals of the various styles of modern Jazz & Hip-Hop dancing.

Students will learn the correct way to execute and perform kicks, jumps, turns, pirouettes etc as well as combining them into specially choreographed sequences, progressions & dances seen through line, corner or floor work. Students work on dances, breaking down steps & sequences to work on styling and technique. Think high energy and the latest dance craze!

All practise sessions are rehearsals for performance either with KGA or competition

Why Join KGA Street Jazz & Hip-Hop?

For kids ages 7 and below, this class introduces them to the foundations of hip-hop dance, develops musicality, encourages confidence in performance while being in a nurturing and structure-based dance class. For 8 year olds to teens, this class introduces the foundations of hip-hop but with an additional style of Jazz Funk. Choreography is more stylised without sacrificing the importance of basics. This class also focuses a lot on body carriage and big movements.


Classes are 60 minutes long with 14 minutes of stretching to begin followed by execution of dance routines with coaches.


Increase range of body movements
Full body workout: improve your strength & stamina
Learn original choreography
Helps improve self-confidence
Incredible cardio workout
Practices muscle memory

What People Say About Us

My daughter has been a member of KGA for a long time now and was excited to hear their new Street Jazz & Hip-hop classes for kids. She has been enjoying it alot, making new friends and learning new routines!



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Q. What if I never taken a dance class before?

We welcome all beginner dancers and have classes designed just for you! Our classes are designed for those students who have little, or no training in a specific style of dance to more advanced dancers.

Q. My daughter is only 6, is this class suitable for her?

Yes. We offer two age groups for our Street Jazz & Hip-Hop dance classes. Our junior class is for boys and girls below 7 years old and our senior class is catered to 8 year olds to teenagers.

Q. Who should attend?

We have Hip Hop classes for dancers of all levels, from absolute beginners to advanced.

Q. What type of shoes do I wear for class and where can I get them?

For Street Jazz & Hip Hop: Indoor or clean running shoes/sneakers.

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