Mommy & Me Gymnatics Class

Improve flexibility and social connections for mother and baby


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What is Mummy & Me all about?

We aim to provide a unique program for mothers and infants,from 1.5-3 years, with a basic foundation in the control of their muscles through the exploration of the use of fine motor and gross motor movements through basic gymnastic movements. We guarantee that you will also have a ball of a time getting to know your child better!

Why join the Mommy & Me class?

  • This program equips mothers with early childhood knowledge to understand their child better through movements opportunities with your baby.
  • It also brings you discovery moments as you interact with your baby.
  • Mothers are also able to learn songs that they can engage their baby with at home.
  • They discover creative ways to stretch while keeping baby engaged at home.

As exercise routines have become steadily more rigorous, pushing our bodies to failure (F45, CrossFit, Spartan Races and Tough Mudder) the need for dedicated mobility and flexibility sessions as part of a balanced workout routine is more important than ever. KGA Stretching is the best way to reduce injuries/pain, aid recovery and enhance performance for a more balanced fitness routine.


In KGA’s M&M gym class, we will provide you and your child with an exciting bonding time of music and movement paired with a series of basic gymnastic movements! The core elements of gymnastics will be covered; Balance,Flexibility, Strength, Muscle Control.



Strengthens Mother and child bond
Mothers able to exercise with baby
Allows Mothers to make connections


Increases mobility and independence
Enhances social awareness
Increases child’s confidence
Improves child’s sitting posture

What People Say About Us

I was looking for a class that would improve my flexibility and KGA stretching has helped me achieve a deeper stretch, I can feel the improvements every week. Very happy with the results i’ve achieved!



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Jael represented Singapore as part of the Singapore Gymnastics Rhythmic National Team (2009-2019). She has represented Singapore in various international competitions and since retiring from the team, she has been teaching Rhythmic Gymnastics with KGA as our newest addition.


Q. Is KGA Stretching, yoga, or related to yoga in any way?

No. KGA Stretching is a movement system using gymnastic principles to build flexibility and enhance your range of motion.

Q. Who should attend?

Gymnastics classes are open to men and women of all ages and fitness levels. If you have tightness from over exercising or sitting at a desk, this class will test your range of movement, identify problem areas and and open up your joints, enhancing your range of motion.

Q. Are there any risks when doing KGA Stretching?

If you have an injury or limited range of motion please let your instructor know before the class starts, they will offer alternative movements based on any restrictions you might have. Classes are not suitable for pregnant women.