Gymnastic Stretching
for kids

A movement system to build flexibility and enhance your range of motion. Stretching is a vital component in any fitness regime, whether you’re a fitness newbie or a professional level athlete.


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What is KGA Stretching?

KGA Stretching classes are based on gymnastic principles and designed to support active kids involved in other sports. Exercises are designed to increase flexibility and strength while also reducing the chances of injuries. KGA believes stretching will improve any participant’s overall performance. Classes available for boys and girls from 3+ at all fitness levels.

WHY JOIN KGA Stretching?

Increased flexibility and strength will reduce the possibility of injuries in any sport. The exercises have been designed to build a flexible body from an early age, giving a good foundation for later life


Each class is 60 minutes. The first 15 minutes involve an intense warm up to loosen up the joints and muscles before we move into deep stretching. it is also the best way to loosen up muscles as part of the recovery process after an intense training session.


Build Strength
Move Better
Sleep Better
Increase Mobility
Improve Posture
Enhance Body Awareness

What People Say About Us

I have had the opportunity of knowing the head coach of KGA Victoria for the past 4 years, and I would love to say that she and her team are dedicated, skilled, and passionate coaches.  Their knowledge of gymnastics coupled with the understanding of how to communicate and motivate kids has enabled them to be in a position of respected Coach and trusted mentor for kids.
I highly recommend KGA to any new parents just starting out in gymnastics, and to those who want to improve their skills.



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Tatsiana Miashkova

Tatsiana is originally from Belarus, where she trained in Synchronised Swimming. Tatsianais a Master of Sport International Class, a Champion of Belarus on multiple occasions, European Champion finalist and a European Cup silver and bronze medallist. Tatsiana hadcoached the national teams of Belarus, Egypt and Thailand.


Q. Is KGA Stretching, yoga, or related to yoga in any way?

No. KGA Stretching is a movement system using gymnastic principles to build flexibility and enhance your range of motion.

Q. Who should attend?

Classes are open to all kids from 3 years old and suited to kids with an active sporting schedule who want to improve flexibility, increase strength and reduce the risk of injury

Q. Are there any risks when doing KGA Stretching?

If you have an injury or limited range of motion please let your instructor know before the class starts, they will offer alternative movements based on any restrictions you might have. Classes are not suitable for pregnant women.