Regular physical activity encourages healthy growth and development in kids and teens. Build self confidence, strength, flexibility and mobility with KGA


Gymnastic Classes


Accomplished rhythmic gymnasts benefit from perfect posture, a toned figure, flexibility and graceful movement. Rhythmic Gymnastics is the perfect combination of sport and art, linking expressive dance steps with skilful manipulations of the ball, rope, ribbon, hoop or clubs: throw, spin, spiral, roll and catch. The benefits of rhythmic gymnastics include: better posture and body movement, enhanced co-ordination and agility.


Gymnastic Stretching

Increased flexibility will enhance both your daily life and sporting performance by building strong, supple flexible muscles. Our classes are designed to develop a critical range of motions with all major muscle groups. Come join us for a split class today and learn how we will build step by step to helping you achieve a full split and the associated benefits from it for all muscle groups.


Acrobatic Gymnastics

Build strength, confidence and character. Gymnastics is one of the world’s oldest Olympic sports. This discipline develops physical agility, flexibility, strength, balance, speed, and coordination. It teaches fundamental movement techniques and lays the groundwork to develop skills applicable to other sports and activities. It also benefits one's overall health and physical performance.




Street Jazz & Hip-Hop is fun and exciting, and keeps you moving in step with the latest trends in music and motion. Our classes cover the fundamentals of the various styles of modern Jazz & Hip-Hop dancing. It is high-energy, fun and funky, and it is the style which is seen in many dance movies and television music videos. Choreography is fun, lively and challenging.


Ballet is the foundation of all dance forms. KGA’s Ballet class is taught according to the methods and standards of Russian ballet. The classes focus on Posture, Technique, Barre and Centre work, Ballet Terminology, and Anatomy. Our methods are highly effective in teaching age-specific skills with focus on discipline, posture, grace, strength, and memorization.




Known as “water ballet” in the past, synchronized swimming is now known as “synchro” by the initiated. Although it is art, beauty, and dance choreographed to music, don’t be deceived by the glitzy performance and lip-sticked smiles on the athletes’ faces. Below the surface, top-conditioned competitors perform remarkable feats of strength and flexibility.



Our swimming class helps you to learn the basics on how to swim, assisted by our experienced trained Coach Tanya, Singapore's leading Artistic Swimming coach and former national team coach. Her Qualifications include her Standard First Aid Refresher Course & AED, Degree in Physical Education Teacher, Swimming Coach Values & Principles in Sport and Life Saving Award 1, 2  & 3. Whether you’re just starting or want to improve your techniques this class can help you to achieve your aquatic goals and help you master the basics of Swimming and getting comfortable in the water.


What People Say About Us

“The best RG school in Singapore. Great coaches, highly professional and experienced. They know how to motivate kids and  lead them to better results and at the same time make it fun and interesting for them. My twins are big fans of KGA.  In addition facilities are very nice. there is cozy waiting area for parents! We are all looking forward to next competitions!”




Victoria is founder and head coach of Karpenko Gymnastics Academy. She was twice crowned Russian Rhythmic Gymnastics Champion and has coached elite athletes in Russia, Europe and the USA who have represented their countries at World Championships and the Olympics. Victoria is also the former head coach of the Singapore Rhythmic Gymnastics Team.


Anton is a Ballet Master having completed his studies at the presitgious Academy of Highest Culture Belarus. He has danced professionally for 13 years and toured the world with various organisations and was honoured with “Honoured Artiste of China” for his services. Anton was the Head of Choreography for the Belarus and Thailand before joining KGA’s world class team of coaches.

ANTON Tspushtanov

Rosie is responsible for the KGA’s diverse, high-quality Dance programme and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the Studio. Rosie started teaching dance in 1999. She coached cheerdance teams for 12 years at national levels, represented the Philippines for 2 years inthe World HipHop Championship in USA and has choreographed a dance TV series and TV specials in the Philippines.

Rosie Anne Pajela-Marzan
Dance coach

Tatsiana is originally from Belarus, where she trained in Synchronised Swimming. Tatsiana is a Master of Sport International Class, a Champion of Belarus on multiple occasions, European Champion finalist and a European Cup silver and bronze medallist. Tatsiana has coached the national teams of Belarus, Egypt and Thailand.

TatSiana Mashkova

Violaine competed in Rhythmic Gymnastics in France for over 10 years and was the French National Champion from 1992 to 1995, both in team and individual events. Since retiring from competitive gymnastics Violaine has been coaching rhythmic gymnastics in France and England.

Violaine Grimprel