Artistic swimming
for kids

If you love swimming and dance Artistic Swimming could be just the sport for you?


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What is Artistic Swimming?

Artistic swimming is performed solo, in duets, trios or a team. It demands advanced water skills, and requires great strength, endurance, flexibility, grace, artistry and precise timing, as well as exceptional breath control when upside down underwater. KGA also offers beginners swimming lessons for kids.

Why Join KGA Artistic Swimming?

If you love swimming and dance, Artistic Swimming at KGA could be just the sport for you. Led by Coach Tatsiana Mashkova, Singapore's leading Artistic Swimming coach and former national team coach to Egypt, Belarus and Thailand. Classes are offered for those learning to swim (LS) between ages of 5-7 and beginners Artistic Swimming for ages 7-10.


Training sessions are devoted to working on “figures” (also known as moves) – the set of body positions and transition movement which form the basis of artistic (synchronised) swimming. In the pool work includes swim laps butterfly, breaststroke, backstroke and freestyle swimming strokes. Land work sessions include flexibility, strength and stamina, and learning routines.


Increased Muscular Strength
Increased Confidence & Team Building
Develops the body's cardiovascular system
Advanced water skills
Increase flexibility

What People Say About Us

My daughter loves to dance and swim so when I saw artistic swimming I knew she would love to try it out. Coach Tanya has been an amazing coach who puts love and care to every child and class and most of all she loves the class.



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Tatsiana Miashkova

Tatsiana is originally from Belarus, where she trained in Synchronised Swimming. Tatsianais a Master of Sport International Class, a Champion of Belarus on multiple occasions, European Champion finalist and a European Cup silver and bronze medallist. Tatsiana had coached the national teams of Belarus, Egypt and Thailand.


Q. Do you need to be a good swimmer?

Before you start artistic swimming, participants must have strong swimming skills. They should know their swim strokes, be able to tread water
 and be comfortable in deep water. Potential candidates should be at least six years old and must go through an assessment with
 the coach before they are accepted.

Q. Who should attend?

We cater classes to all levels and will perform an assessment on each child before they start to see what level they are at and what group to place them in. If they are complete beginners we will work on basic swimming fundamentals to get them to a level that is safe for them to join full artistic swimming classes.

Q. What do I wear for class?

Bring your swimming togs, hat and goggles and a mat

Q. Is the sport dangerous

No. Artistic swimming is demanding, but our classes are supervised by the leading artistic swimming coach in Asia who has coached multiple national teams around the world. Every child will be assessed before beginning and put in class that is suited to their swimming level. As each child gets stronger they will be moved up levels appropriately