acrobatic gymnastics
for kids

Learn the fundamentals of Gymnastics


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What is Acrobatic Gymnastics?

Acrobatic gymnastics teaches the basics of gymnastics movement. Combing both cardio and strength exercises through ground exercises, kids receive an intense guided workout in a disciplined and structured environment. Classes are suited to boys and girls from 4 to 10 years old

Why Join KGA Acrobatic Gymnastics?

Acrobatic gymnastics by KGA is a perfect way to introduce your child to gymnastics and its many benefits. The program offers a range of body weight exercises and movements that your child will typically not receive through playing other sports


Each class is 60-90 minutes, depending on the age of your child


Improve balance
Increase agility & mobility
Enhance motor coordination
Better posture
Learn gymnastic movements
Increase strength & stamina

What People Say About Us

My son has improved his flexibility and enjoys his classes with KGA. This class was a great base for learning gymnastics movement and definitely recommend it! Always impressed with their professionalism and quality of classes.



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Anton is a Ballet Master having completed his studies at the prestigious Academy of Highest Culture Belarus. He has danced professionally for 13 years and toured the world with various organisations and was honoured with “Honoured Artiste of China” for his services. Anton was the Head of Choreography for the Belarus and Thailand before joining KGA’s world class team of coaches.


Q. What if I never taken a gymnastics class before?

Our classes are designed for all levels from absolute beginners to more experienced gymnasts. For those students who have little, or no training in a gymnastics Anton will cater movements to your ability.

Q. Who should attend?

We cater classes for gymnasts of all levels, from absolute beginners to advanced. Children looking to improve their balance, agility, strength and stamina for other sports like football, basketball, martial arts, dance - acrobatic gymnastics is the perfect base

Q. What do I wear for class?

Classes are performed in bare feet and normal gym attire like shorts and t-shirt is fine. For students who join KGA we supply a members pack which includes KGA gym gear.